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CodeEngine.Framework v1.3 Changelog

Listed below are all changes that have recently been made to the CodeEngine Framework version 1.3.

Version 1.3.2440.37764 (DLL date 2006/09/06), introduction of version 1.3

Type Source Description
Implementation change CollectionBase, SingularBase & ObjectProperties classes InitializeObject methods in generated classes (from templates version 1.4 and on) pass more information about the database columns to the base classes. This information is stored in the objects's ObjectProperties property so you can use the information at your advantage. The new implementation is very useful in situations where you want to generically want to display an object, whithout knowing what the object is about. EG: Knowing if the object is a 'Bike' or a 'Car' isn't neccessary to be able to display its properties' values properly.