Online Data Access Layer Code Engine

The benefits

Welcome to the online C# and VB.Net Code Generation tool!

Are you still handcoding database access? Is it taking up most of your precious time?
You can generate a C# and VB.Net Data Access Layer for your MSSQL database here in a matter of minutes! Generating projects will cost you only €5. For a limited period of time, Code-Engine is free of charge!

Here's why you should use Code-Engine:

  • Classes are generated for each table, with properties for each column.
  • Relationships between your tables are reflected in code: eg. customer.Orders[i].Product.Name
  • Generated code is extendable with your own functionality (C# only)
  • Projects provide easy custom access to your database, eg. for calling Stored Procedures
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Step 1 (of 6): Connecting to your database

Enter the connection string to your database below. If your database is not accessible from the internet, or you don't want to use it because of possible securiy issues: download the DB script tool from the download page.

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